About Us

Total body training for faster injury recovery, injury prevention and sport specific training.

Momentum Performance Training was established in 2014 to support athletes and recreationists in our community. People are training and competing at higher volumes, which often make them more vulnerable to injury.

We saw a need for easy access to comprehensive, personalized training, with systematic design in response to the changing healthcare environment, a surge in sports related injuries, overtraining, and early specialization in youth sports.

Efficient and effective training needs to encompass recovery and nutrition along with progressive training. Knowing how to perform an exercise isn’t enough, you need to know why and how it benefits you. This can mean the difference between steady progress, consistent training, improved performance and injury prevention.



Jen has worked with athletes at all levels, from youth athletes to professional competitors. Her background as an athlete, coach and athletic trainer, gives her a unique perspective on training and allows her to customize training for each client.

Jen received a Bachelor of Arts in Athletic Training & a Minor in Exercise Science from Linfield College. A few year later she earned her Master’s in Kinesiology from AT Still University, Arizona School of Health Science.

“Training is fluid and you have to be ready to make adjustments at any given time.”

20 years of experience and an extensive working knowledge of the body gives Jen an edge. She continues to expand her knowledge base by reading research and connecting with professionals. Jen hopes to start her PhD next year and conduct research that can be applied to her current clients.

Hailey Ostrom
After four weeks of training with Momentum, the results were remarkable. They helped me reach my ideal physical health, which had an immediate impact on the golf course. This season I have shot my personal best tournament score, earned all-tournament recognition and helped my team become the #2 nationally ranked NCAA DIII women’s golf team heading into the spring season.

Hailey Ostrom
NCAA DIII Collegiate Golfer
Collin Runge
Leading up to my senior season in high school, I chose to do Sport Specific Training with Momentum rather than working out on my own. These workouts offered challenging, focused workouts in a setting where real work can get done. As the season started, I was in the best shape of my life and by far a step ahead of everyone else showing up to the field. The training included weights, TRX work, speed and agility training. Throughout the season, my power numbers were the best they’ve ever been and this is directly related to all of the off-season training that I was doing. Overall, I would simply not be the athlete I am today with the work of Momentum. They have offered me many opportunities and have helped me reach my full potential.

Collin Runge
Ridgeview High School 2015
Momentum Performance Training is the Official Training Staff for the Bend Elks Baseball Club. We worked with the athletes on thoracic and hip mobility, injury clinic, dynamic warm-up and conditioning. Summer baseball is physically and mentally demanding on our players. The Elks played more than 50 games; 6 nights per week with long road trips in between. Our goal was to keep them healthy and playing. Working with Momentum, our athletes learned how to care and maintain their peak physical condition to prevent injury and recover faster.
James Jackson
At first, snowboarding was a passion and slowly turned into a career that has literally never ended. Through all the years of pro riding, traveling and now coaching it has never been an option for me to not be able to ride but small injuries began to build up. This past year I spent re-tuning my body with Momentum Performance Training with foundational exercises to strengthen and conditioning in order to continue traveling the globe and riding with all my athletes. I have been taking my exercises on the road with me and have never felt stronger or more balanced for the demands that snowboarding puts on me.

James Jackson
Professional Snowboard Coach