Group Classes

Small Group Classes are a great way train. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized training, modifications and attention to detail. Momentum already has a wonderful group of clients that support each other and enjoy being together while working out. Our environment is fun, inviting and engaging, plus, you get a great workout!

Our classes are progressive and structured based on each clients’ need and fitness educational through a variety of classes ranging from beginner to advanced. We want clients to learn how to move properly, train well and feel good.

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Performance Training

Whether you’re new to training or an athlete looking to improve performance through sport specific training, Momentum Performance Training provides expert coaching to advance your personal or team goals.

Jen Powell’s expertise and education in movement science surpasses most gym-based personal trainers. Momentum Performance coaches individualize training using evidence-based, movement assessment and practical application programming to maximize results, prevent injury and improve performance!



Momentum Performance Training strives to develop your body’s ideal workout by addressing your weaknesses and asymmetries. We start by performing Movement Assessments and work closely with clients to understand their day to day needs and training goals. Increasing your training load, program progression and unload training, are designed thoughtfully to steadily improve strength, multi-joint movement and movement complexity. Optimize your training performance for life and sport. [LEARN MORE]

Metabolic Training

Otherwise known as cardiovascular training orcardio, Metabolic Training is integrated into our group and personal training. When coupled with resistance training, it is an efficient way to increase strength, endurance and improve oxygen consumption. We encourage a variety exercises that are appropriate for each client; low impact, upper vs lower body dominant, interval based, etc. Strengthening the heart and lungs are an important part of training. Momentum uses safe, progressive training to protect joints and prevent injury.

Movement Training

Through movement based training, we will equip you with the tools you need to stay healthy year round. Pain inhibits performance and increases the possibility of injury. We coach our clients through an ideal range of motion at each joint according to individual movement competency. We focus on posture, dynamic trunk stabilization and incorporate progressions and regressions as needed. Knowing when and how to move is important and your body should engage appropriately and automatically, reducing your risk of injury.